Case Study - PinMart

Grows Paid Traffic by 39% with Multichannel Marketing Strategy





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Smart bidding
Paid Search, Social Media, Google Shopping, SEO


Full-Funnel Customer Engagement & Acquisition

The Situation

Pinmart has been a leading online supplier of new and custom lapel pins, emblems, lanyards, and other items since 1999. Knowing the majority of today’s shoppers start product searches on line, Pin Mart wanted to reach consumers on all devices, at every point in their path to purchase.

Opportunity Identified

With goals to achieve a unified brand experience and reach new customers, Pin Mart turned to ROI to run campaigns across search, shopping, display, and social media. There was a chance to tell a compelling story at every touchpoint by promoting cohesive campaigns with engaging multichannel ads throughout the entire funnel.

ROI in Action

Mobile-First: ROI determined that 40% of PinMart’s traffic came from mobile. To drive more mobile clicks, the team loosened mobile bid modifiers on profitable keywords, made SEO changes, and incorporated ads on lnstagram and Facebook Stories.

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RevolutionSuite Perfomance Analysis

Attribution: The ROI team leveraged Google Analytics, Facebook Attribution, and ROl’s RevolutionSuite of technology to drive initial interactions with PinMart shoppers and glean invaluable insight into Facebook’s upper-funnel impacts.

New Customer Acquisition: The ROI team improved PinMart’s social reach by marrying aggressive branding with lower-funnel campaigns, as well as boosted PinMart’s organic performance by crafting new SEO content focused on high-volume keywords.

Results Achieved

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