In today’s competitive market there are thousands of decisions that people make on a day to day basis. A number of companies seem to blend together when it comes to meeting each of your potential customers business needs. What makes your company different? Why should people buy from you?

A Unique Selling Proposition is a statement, usually 10 words or less, that tells your potential customers why they should hire or buy from you instead of your competitors. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or Value Proposition (VP) should be stated right away on your website to let visitors know who you are and why they should remain on your site. This should be a statement regarding why your company is the better choice, and what makes you unique. Not only should this statement be clearly expressed on your website, but it should be something you build your business around. Keeping this all to about 10 words or less can get tricky, but clarifying what you do best will allow your visitors to qualify themselves for your offer.

Some companies have become known for their value propositions, such as:

FedEx: “When your package absolutely, positively has to get there overnight”

Domino Pizza: “We deliver hot, fresh pizza in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.”

So how should you develop yours?

Developing a USP can prove to be quite a challenge, and there are some things you should take into consideration. First, who exactly are your services designed for? Zero in specifically on the type of industry, department, technology, and values. What are your prospects struggling with? What’s not working for them? What do they hope to do? After they’ve solved their problems, what will they do next? What have you got that nobody else has? And how is this an advantage to your clients? Keep all of these aspects in mind while trying to develop your value proposition.

Once you’ve carefully constructed a few of your potential USPs you should implement a test on your website to see which USP performs the best. Google Website Optimizer can help you to determine the best performer, and you will be able to use your new USP to increase your websites conversion rates. Make sure you carry your new USP throughout all marketing materials from advertising copy to direct mailings to help boost your marketing efforts.

If you’re not experimenting online yet, get started with our Online Google Website Optimizer Training Videos. Happy Testing!