Earlier this week we received a really nice review of our company ROI Revolution in the current issue of Larry Chase’s Web Digest for Marketers.

In the issue entitled “11 ways to increase your online response rates” managing editor Eileen Shulock details key ways to run a tighter, more cost-efficient (online) campaign.

Here’s what Eileen had to say about ROI Revolution:

This is a site rich with all things Google Analytics. They offer a complimentary Webinar that will get you started with Google Analytics, which includes a Q&A session with the consultants, plus an email newsletter which publishes their consultants’ tips and hints on a regular basis. And within their blog devoted to Google Analytics you will find a font of information on everything from basics to filters, tracking, reporting and a list of the other blogs you can visit to learn more about Google Analytics. All these resources and tools are gratis. How do they make money? The company is a certified Google Analytics consultancy.

Eileen also wrote a nice review of Google Analytics, Inceptor (PPC bid management tool), Optimost (advanced multivariable testing for landing/website pages), and 8 other companies/tools which help magnify your online marketing efforts.

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