Mike E & Michael L speaking 200x200.jpgWhile they often cause anxiety for many ecommerce retailers, Comparison Shopping Engines are a targeted way for ecommerce retailers to find and attract qualified buyers to their site. The Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE) sessions at the Retail Traffic Summit had some of the best attendee ratings of the entire show.

In these sessions, Mike Ewasyshyn, ROI Revolution’s Product Feed Team Lead, and Michael Lambert, founder of MerchantAdvantage, shared everything retailers need to know about CSEs, but were too overwhelmed to ask. Jam-packed with the nitty-gritty of CSE marketing, these product feed experts shared tons of tips for our attendees.

The 15 minute power-session on CSEs focused on ways to increase profitability and efficiently grow your online presence with these 15 tips:

  1. Write Better Product Titles
  2. Increase Description Lengths
  3. Tag your Destination URLs
  4. Choose Your Categories Wisely
  5. Exclude Affiliate Traffic from Google & Bing Ads
  6. Include Your Logo
  7. Send High Quality Images
  8. Design a Bidding Strategy
  9. Use Zero Bids in Shopzilla
  10. Pay Attention to Below Rate Card Bids in PriceGrabber
  11. Create Benchmark Reports
  12. Don’t Let Your Feeds Expire
  13. Be Patient with New Feeds
  14. Don’t Set it & Forget it
  15. Pay Attention to Data Quality Warnings

Over the last few months Mike has shared his CSE experience with audiences on our monthly Retailer Web Clinics. Watch these replays to learn more about how to implement his tips for a profitable CSE strategy.