Back-to-School 2019 Tips, Trends, & Stats

Text saying Back to School surrounded by supplies for back-to-school 2019

Families are packing up their beach bags, ice cream trucks are parking their business for the foreseeable future, and shopping mall stores are seeing lines out the door. It’s official: the back-to-school 2019 season is here in full swing. And it’s not all hype – back-to-school is one of the biggest shopping holidays of the […]

Local SEO: Complete Checklist for Success

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What Is Local SEO? Local SEO focuses on using various strategies and tactics to increase rankings in local search results. A local search can involve the use of a local keyword (e.g. top restaurants in Raleigh) or the search engine can deduce a location from a user’s device. What Problem Does Local SEO Solve for […]