How to Go From Ad-Hoc A/B Tests to a Revenue-Driving Culture of Experimentation

A lot of digital marketers and paid specialists are running A/B tests. But few are testing strategically, driving growth and insights from every single experiment. And fewer still are pushing an experimentation-based cultural shift at their companies.  But that’s where the money’s at. A culture of experimentation helped Microsoft’s Bing unit boost revenue per search […]

March 2021 Social Media Water Cooler

The Social Media Water Cooler

TikTok Rolls Out Small Business Resource Center As TikTok marches toward the monetization of its platform, it is releasing a new portal for small businesses. From creative tools to measurement solutions, TikTok wants advertisers to begin learning how they can position their brand on the up-and-coming platform. The Resource Center houses various helpful tools, but […]