2021 Deep Dive: Home Goods Industry Data, Trends, + Stats to Know

Woman in stylish hat holding a cup of coffee shops for home goods at a trendy local store.

The home goods and furniture industry has seen massive growth over the past year, due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home mandates. With people spending more time inside their homes over the past year, redecorating and remodeling became common among many consumers. As coronavirus cases continue to decline, what does the future hold […]

3 Personalization Tips to Boost Your Paid Traffic Conversion Rates

A business man holds a smart phone flat in his hand with a magnifying glass in the other hovering over the top of the phone that has multiple profiles popping out of it.

Personalized ads perform better. These are facts. According to a stats round-up in Forbes: Marketers report personalization efforts can boost revenue by up to 15% Personalization can reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 50% Personalization can increase marketing spend efficiency by up to 30% This isn’t news to you. Which is why your paid […]

March 2021 SEO News Recap

Magnifying glass on a keyboard with paid search related icons

1. Reminder: 100% Mobile-First Indexing Is Coming Soon Postponed from September 2020, Google’s revised deadline for moving to sites to mobile-first indexing was March 2021. In an SEO office hours hangout video on March 19th, Google’s John Mueller said Google may have stopped moving sites to mobile-first automatically and will be “switching a lot of […]