Programmatic Advertising on Marketplaces: Amazon, Walmart, & More

Person pushing shopping cart and holding mobile phone with one hand.

Programmatic advertising automates the buying and selling of ad inventory, giving brands the ability to purchase digital ads in real-time. That means that once a brand wins the bid for an ad placement, an ad can be served within milliseconds. The advanced targeting capabilities offered by programmatic make it the most efficient way to buy […]

Programmatic Advertising + The Loss of Third-Party Cookies

Person typing on laptop with marketing icons coming out of it.

Since the dawn of digital, marketing strategies have relied on cookies as a proxy for identity. But the world of marketing is changing. The departure of browser-based tracking is upon us. By late 2023, Google will phase out third-party cookies running on Chrome and transform how brands track, target, and engage with customers. Adhering to […]