Optimizing for Conversions to Create Lifetime Value, Part 6: When Do You Invest?

Paper airplanes in a line with one shooting higher to signify increased exponential growth

In Part 5: How Do You Measure CRO?, we learned about the types of problems that A/B testing and conversion optimization can solve for brands and how optimizing for conversions is a powerful method for enhancing and optimizing the channels within your marketing stack. It’s clear by now that conversion rate optimization can be a […]

Amazon Prime Day 2021 News, Updates, + Stats

An Amazon Prime delivery truck drives by as stat and graph icons float around in the foreground.

Advertisers and consumers alike are curiously awaiting Prime Day 2021 after last year brought unprecedented changes to Amazon’s annual shopping event. As we approach a post-pandemic market, what can businesses expect this year and what can you do to ensure Prime Day is a success for your brand? Stay tuned to this blog to be […]