Whether you manage paid search accounts or are an overseeing business executive, it is important to have an easily accessible way of viewing overall account performance.

Google Automated Reports are great, but often the downloading, filtering, and drilling down turns this bird’s-eye-view into a 15-minute project. What you need is a completely customizable tool; one that automatically imports only the performance metrics you want, from the date range you set, instantly into tables with only the columns you require.

How do you get this flexibility in reporting without hiring a Web Analytics Engineer with Google API experience? Use the New Google Home Tab!

The Google Home Tab allows you to easily view your most profitable keywords, identify opportunities for growth based on your target CPA, find areas of unprofitability to optimize, and more. It’s an easy way for management to identify core keywords, as well as review the trending of performance metrics.

All of these are the result of simple to set up filters that you are likely already using in your account. In fact, if you have saved any filters, they are already there!

Digging a little deeper…
Custom Columns
Some of your data tables may be filled with irrelevant information and appear cluttered. There is an easy fix. Google allows you to select which columns you would like to appear within the table. So a CPA filter can be limited to the keyword, the CPA, and the spend.

Advanced Options
There are instances where the top five keywords won’t provide you with all the information you need. Perhaps your adspend is dominated by 10 keywords. Google allows for this. In fact, you can show 5, 10, or 15 terms at a time. This allows for increased flexibility in filter viewing.

Making Changes
Find something actionable or want to drill down a little deeper? Click the item of note, make changes or look further down your filtered list. If you want to adjust your filters parameters, click the View Saved Filter link and make your tweaks.

Some Useful Filters
Obviously different accounts have different goals, but there are a few filters, in addition to Google’s predefined ones, that almost any account should have:

The opportunities are endless and, with the ability to minimize or hide tables, I would create as many saved filters as applicable. Make it easy to measure last week or last month’s performance with the new Google Home Tab.