Amazon Adds a Date Range Picker to the AMS PlatformRecently, we noticed a new feature that was added to the interface in AMS for Amazon advertising campaigns: a date range picker. This is a massive game-change for Amazon, whose reporting to this point has been incredibly limited due to only being able to see a static 60-day lookback for sales.

With this new addition, users can look back at any date range within the past 60 days and download a report for that specific date range. This new range can be applied at both product and campaign levels, making it incredibly versatile for advertisers looking to see daily, weekly, or monthly trends.

Prior to this addition, it was virtually impossible to track monthly performance and pacing within the AMS interface. Retailers were unable to see how certain keywords performed within a given date range. While keywords may have performed well during the overall lifecycle of a campaign, it wasn’t possible to uncover short term trends of good and bad performance.

It wasn’t even possible to see Headline Search or Sponsored Product keyword performance within a 60 day period. You could only see the lifetime performance of keywords in Headline Search or Sponsored Product campaigns. There was no way to tell of recent performance.

Additionally, retailers were required to download a report for every individual campaign to know how the overall account was doing. There was also no insight into how specific products were performing within a given date range.

By adding this date picker tool, you can now quickly see how your account is doing for any given timeframe within the past 60 days. You’ll have a more granular view of keyword activity for smaller date ranges, allowing you to adjust your bids according to current performance trends.

You’ll also get a much more in-depth view of keywords within your Headline Search and Sponsored Product campaigns, which can help to maximize the profitability of these ad formats.

Additionally, you’ll be able to see how individual products are doing within a given period, allowing for far more granularity and flexibility as you monitor your accounts. This could end up being a huge game-changer for brands, allowing them to either further segment or re-group products together based on data gathered within specific date ranges.

With the Amazon marketplace in a constant state of flux, this update will be essential for savvy advertisers as they look for every opportunity to maximize sales and profitability. Being able to get a more granular look into product and keyword performance, as well as tracking weekly or monthly data trends will make optimizing your campaigns far more convenient and essential to your continued success.

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