Another year, another Amazon Prime Day. Even amidst pretty severe technical issues with their website, Amazon Prime Day 2018 was still a massive success for brands, retailers, and Amazon themselves. According to Amazon, Prime members bought more than 100 million products, with the biggest seller being the Fire TV Stick.

But it wasn’t just Amazon themselves seeing success. Consumers bought $1 billion of products through small and medium-sized businesses that sell their goods on the site. We’re not talking about huge corporations like Nike or Apple. There were tens of thousands of brands; small, medium, and large, taking advantage of the increased purchase intent over Amazon Prime Day 2018.

Among those successful brands were a number of ROI Revolution clients. Let’s take a look at three examples directly from our clients, and the unbelievable success they were able to achieve.

Amazon Prime Day 2018
Beauty Products Retailer Triples Sales on Amazon Prime Day 2018

One of our clients in the homecare and natural beauty products category was looking to double down on Amazon Prime Day 2018. Last year, they saw tremendous success with limited advertising, but were looking to significantly expand their reach this year.

They turned to the experts at ROI Revolution to optimize ads, update keywords, and improve overall campaign structure. According to Ben Smith, our expert Marketplace Strategist on their account:

Amazon Prime Day 2018The first thing our team did was build out some Prime Day-specific campaigns featuring the clients’ highest converting products. This was combined with an increase in keyword bids across the board. Additionally, we raised budgets significantly for the highest performing manual campaigns to avoid capping out on such a high volume timeframe. With bigger budgets and bids, we were able to get the clients’ products out in front of a lot more people, leading to greatly increased sales volume. With our help, their ads saw a greater than 600% increase in revenue compared to Amazon Prime Day 2017.

Amazon Prime Day 2018
Gourmet Food Retailer Sees Huge Growth in Sponsored Product & Headline Search Ads

Another of our clients specializing in gourmet foods and beverages also saw big success this year. With a strong focus placed on Amazon Sponsored Products and Headline Search Ads, the ROI team was able to nearly triple revenue on Amazon Prime Day 2018 for both advertising formats.

Additionally, their overall sales on Amazon Prime Day 2018 nearly quadrupled! According to Grayson Barnes Cross, their ROI Marketplace Strategist:

Amazon Prime Day 2018One of the client’s main concerns was running out of budget on Prime Day, as this was something that they had experienced the previous year. We ensured that all campaigns had increased budgets and bids for Prime Day. We got extremely aggressive with our bids and budgets for products that had lightning deals running for Prime Day. We also wanted to remain competitive on all other products.

Amazon Prime Day 2018
Home Improvement Brand Dominates Amazon Prime Day by Launching New Ad Formats

The third success story came from a client of ours in the tools and home improvement vertical. By focusing on Sponsored Products ads on Amazon Prime Day, they were able to 7x their revenue over the two-day “holiday.” They were also able to see vast growth in Headline Search ads revenue, an area that they had previously had very limited success on Amazon.

So how did they achieve these phenomenal results? According to Grayson:

Amazon Prime Day 2018Similar to the Gourmet Foods client above, we increased aggression with respect to bids and budgets across the board in order to remain competitive. Our client had provided us with a list of products that they were discounting for Prime Day, and we ensured that we were especially aggressive for areas of account that advertised these products. Additionally, we launched a Headline Search campaign with aggressive bids for all products with discounts running.

They had one deal running through Amazon for a top product, and we focused a lot of attention on this product. Because this product was one of many within a specific product category, we launched an additional automatic and manual campaign that only included this one product with higher bids than what was already running in the account for all products within this category. This product was responsible for ~44% of revenue through AMS on Amazon Prime Day.

These were just a few of the many success stories our clients saw on Amazon Prime Day 2018. By focusing on increased bids, budgets, and investing in Lightning Deals, Amazon Sponsored Product ads, and Headline Search ads, our team was able to drive eye-popping results and YoY revenue growth for our clients while maintaining and often improving ROAS.

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