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Prime Day began in 2015 as a celebration of Amazon’s 20th birthday. It quickly grew from a $415M event that year to bringing in more than $7B in 2019.

But what does that have to do with search engine optimization (SEO)? How are Amazon Prime Day and SEO related, and how can you use SEO to boost your Amazon Prime Day 2020 success?

In this article, we’ll be diving into how search engine optimization, retail readiness, and Amazon Prime Day 2020 go hand in hand.

How do Prime Day and SEO go together?

During the Prime Day period, consumers are in the buying mindset – even when they’re not on Amazon. That means there’s an ample opportunity for your brand to use your off-Amazon presence to sell more product.

You can use search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your products are showing up and looking their best to these shoppers. SEO is important for getting clicks – in fact, 70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than PPC. And 70% of customers never click past the first page of Amazon search results.

Aside from getting your products ready through inventory planning and merchandising, if you don’t also get your product detail pages (PDPs) retail-ready, your Prime Day success will be over before it even gets started.

Make sure you’re familiar with Amazon’s retail readiness guidelines and use your creative, content, and reviews so that you can outshine your competitors.

Amazon Prime Day Storm

Our Amazon Prime Day 2020 Prep video series covers everything brands need to know to navigate the “new normal” for Prime Day. Watch the four-part video series today to uncover strategies & insights around everything from inventory planning to merchandising and SEO readiness to digital advertising strategies.

How can I scale my organic presence on Amazon?

Once you know how to improve your listings, it’s time to update your PDPs. Start with your best sellers for Prime Day and your featured deal products. [link to KA blog]

One of the best ways to supercharge your Amazon product listings is to optimize your title. Make sure to include all of the most important details and choose shorter-tail keywords. You can even include common misspellings in your backend keywords.


When combined efficiently, SEO and ads together can reach consumers who didn’t buy on Prime Day but still have high intent to purchase. Use your findings from the products that performed well on Prime Day to inform your PPC promotions, especially for the holidays. You can also drive traffic to Amazon from Facebook and Instagram.

Doing SEO increases CTR and conversion rate, which increases traffic & sales velocity, which increases your organic rank. Your paid ads will fuel purchases which fuel organic ranking.

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