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Prime Day has become a tentpole event for digital retailers. Preparing for it can be a difficult task, especially with Amazon keeping the actual dates a well-guarded secret until about a month before. But even without knowing the exact dates, you can still get a head start on preparations. Use this Prime Day checklist to prepare for the sales event and maximize your brand’s success on the major shopping holiday.

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Amazon Prime Day 2023 Submission Deadlines

Amazon usually sends out their deadlines for deals, promos, and inventory in late March or the first half of April. Deadlines for the US and Canada are usually a few weeks ahead of the deadlines for Europe and Japan.

The Prime Day 2023 deadlines for US- and Canada-based retailers are:

Advertising Preparations

You don’t need to wait until Amazon announces the Prime Day dates to build your strategies. Here is a basic checklist of tasks that you can complete well in advance of that announcement.

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Amazon Prime Day Checklist: Strategy Execution Timeline

Once Amazon reveals the dates of Prime Day, things will start happening very quickly. Below is a Prime Day checklist with suggested timelines for your executing strategies.

3-4 Weeks Before

1-2 Weeks Before

Week of Prime Day

Day Before

Prime Day

1-3 Weeks After

Tying It All Together: Prime Day Checklist

Breaking down Prime Day preparations into smaller parts can alleviate a lot of your stress and headaches. This Prime Day checklist was designed to help with just that. To further explore how to execute a full-funnel strategy to make the most of Prime Day, download our Guide & Checklist to Maximize Your Prime Day Potential.

In this guide, you’ll unlock the secrets to laying a strong foundation and exceeding your sales goals this Prime Day, including:

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