Amazon Prime Day a Huge Success for SellersThere was one big question on everyone’s mind before Amazon Prime Day. How does Amazon keep growing what has already become one of the biggest sales days of the year?

Amazon answered that question with bravado by extending deals to 30+ hours, offering even more incentives, selling in more markets, and blowing last year’s statistics out of the water. According to Tech Crunch, Prime Day was the biggest sales day company history, up an incredible 60% from last year.

More specifically, the Amazon mobile app saw enormous gains, more than doubling the number of sales for the second consecutive year. This is just further proof that the era of mobile is here to stay.

As if the overall numbers alone weren’t enough, Amazon cashed in even further by offering deep discounts on their Echo Dot. These discounts led to a 7x increase in device sales and made the Echo Dot the number one seller on Prime Day.

So not only was this their biggest sales day ever, but it featured their own product; a product that’s sole purpose is to make it easier to purchase more easily from Amazon. Talk about a win-win.

But it wasn’t just Amazon that hit the jackpot on Prime Day. Marketplace sellers were equally successful, with many of them seeing triple digit growth in sales and revenue.

One ROI Revolution client who sells home furnishings was able to capitalize on Prime Day and see incredible success. By increasing spend and leveraging lightning deals, they were able to see a massive increase in orders and a 200% lift in revenue year over year.

Another client, focused on home and workspace audio products, saw impressive revenue growth with their Prime Day campaigns. These campaigns saw nearly a 3x increase in orders and more than a 400% lift in conversion rates. And while their Prime Day campaigns only generated roughly 20% of the impressions of their non-Prime Day campaigns, they saw almost the same volume of clicks and attained a 300%+ increase in clickthrough rate.

If you’re a seller on Amazon or a brand looking to get started, leveraging Prime Day needs to be a major part of your business model. With the continued growth and success of the retail event, the increased sales and revenue potential is something that your business needs to capitalize on.

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