Since its launch, Amazon’s AMS platform (Amazon Marketing Services) has lacked the ability to pull data on the account level.  This has always made it much more time-consuming for advertisers to pull reports and gain the insights necessary to effectively optimize their campaigns.

That is, until now.

Recently, Amazon made some very significant updates to unify their reporting for AMS and Seller Central. This update includes the ability to download AMS account-level data and also introduces four brand new advertising reports.

Amazon Unifies Reporting Formats for AMS and Seller Central
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Here are some brief descriptions of each of the reports:

Prior to the rollout of these new reports on Amazon, getting meaningful, over-time sales data from AMS was a very inefficient and manual process that required pulling individual reports from each campaign.

Now with the new reporting features, advertisers can pull a report that encompasses all Sponsored Product or Headline Search ad data for a customized date range. This allows advertisers to glean impactful insights from sales, traffic, and search term data and, most importantly capitalize on them quickly.

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