Amazon just announced the most recent addition to its Sponsored Brands ad type: Sponsored Brands Video.

Now, Amazon vendors and sellers with Brand Registry can upload videos to their Sponsored Brands campaigns (in the US, UK, and DE).

Amazon has been testing Sponsored Brands Video as a closed beta for almost a year. Now, Amazon has made this ad format an open beta for every brand to use in the approved areas.

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Sponsored Brands Video vs. Original Sponsored Brands

There are a few key differences between this new video format and the original Sponsored Brands ad format.

Only one product featured

social media pages and icons displayed on blue backgroundFirst, this new format features only one product. The hallmark of the original version of this ad format showcased three products, making this a very notable change.

The purpose of featuring only one product is to encourage product-specific video creative. This way, the shopper is served a video ad that helps showcase the product they see right below it. Then, they can easily click through to it and purchase.

Ad placement

Another key difference is the placement this ad format appears in.

There are a variety of placements available for this ad type, but typically, we’ll see Sponsored Brands ads at the very top of a search results page.

Sponsored Brands Video, however, appears mid-way down the page in between search results, and sometimes on the bottom of page 1, as well.

Key Considerations

Some other things to consider when launching a Sponsored Brands Video campaign are, of course, Amazon’s ad guidelines for the format.

Videos must be between six and 45 seconds long and must prominently feature a product. The video auto-plays and will automatically loop or restart.

Amazon recommends you use a video that’s 15-30 seconds long, making this the perfect opportunity to repurpose your OTT or YouTube ads if you have any appropriate for Amazon!

There are also some guidelines from Amazon about what a video cannot contain. Your video is not allowed to show customer reviews or Amazon’s trademarked properties. It also does not allow black bars or anything similar in the video that changes it from a horizontal to a square or vertical video. (That means no TikTok videos – sorry!)

Sponsored Brands Video Results

This update to the ad format is great news, as ROI Revolution has found that Sponsored Brands Video campaigns perform better than both original Sponsored Brands and those campaigns with a custom image. ROI has seen 400% better click-through rate with Sponsored Brands Video than original Sponsored Brands campaigns. ROI has also seen a lower ACoS and 80% higher conversion rate with Sponsored Brands Video.