Amazon just introduced a new feature for Stores: Amazon Store versions. This new capability allows brands to create a temporary version of their Amazon Store that runs during a custom timeframe. 

When making and scheduling new Amazon Store versions, you can choose both a start date and end date. This will schedule the new Amazon Store version to go live on the date chosen, then revert back to the original design once the end date has passed. 

This will be particularly helpful for holiday seasonality, as well as Amazon Prime Day 2020. During Prime Day and Cyber 5, brands on Amazon often add the Deals widget to their Stores or reorganize the pages to display promoted products front and center. It’s also common to change Store creative during the holiday season. 

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Previously, once the sales event or holiday season passed, a brand would need to manually change the Amazon Store to its original design, removing the temporary features and re-adding the previous ones.

This new Amazon Store versions feature will make the updating process much easier, as once the end date has passed, everything automatically reverts back, eliminating the need for extra work. 

With this new Amazon Store versions feature, you’ll be able to schedule multiple versions and view your Store’s calendar. By clicking the “Show dates of current versions” button, you’ll see when your new versions will go live. You’ll also be able to edit future versions before they go live and while they’re currently live. 

Amazon has a new FAQ page about this Store versions feature. Check it out here!