A brand’s strength is determined by the number and quality of its relationships with the market.  Brand relationships, like any others, require connection and consistency. A compelling message that just keeps showing up.  Brands thrive to the extent they can efficiently build & nurture these relationships at scale.

Scaling your digital reach is pretty straightforward.  Just turn to the Big Three: Google, Amazon, and Facebook.  Together, they command roughly 70% of total U.S. digital advertising dollars.

Scaling efficiently is the difficult part.  This demands intelligence and finesse, and is nearly impossible without coordinated, competitive, cross-channel campaigns.  To that end, Amazon and Google have each released substantial new campaign options which apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to their massive amounts of audience data to achieve superior results.

While privacy concerns understandably restrict the manual audience segmentation and targeting options available to advertisers, this data remains accessible to AI and machine learning algorithms.  As it turns out, the black box is your friend. Machines do a phenomenal job uncovering the most responsive audiences possible within a chosen profitability target.

New smart campaigns can interpret hundreds of thousands of behavioral and demographic data points to efficiently deliver highly responsive audiences at extremely competitive CPMs.

No platform has more buyer insights than Amazon.  You can reach these buyers at scale through Amazon DSP, which utilizes smart targeting algorithms based on 500,000 predictors derived from real-world shopping behavior.

Amazon DSP Client Success Story: 3.5x Product Views + 35% Revenue Boost!

School Specialty, an enterprise client and retailer that sells school supplies, was looking for a way to increase visibility during their highly seasonal summer months. The ROI Revolution team tested Amazon DSP first in June and July of 2019.

The profitable return results were so impressive that in August, the brand expanded their DSP campaigns to include the overall School Specialty brand. They leveraged seasonal creative, custom remarketing lists, and Amazon DSP’s layered audience targeting capabilities to drive more traffic to their Amazon storefront, offering customers a broad view of their product catalog.

This upper-funnel branding play combined with Amazon’s rich audience data led to a 3.5x increase in Product Detail Page views. This directly translated into an additional 35% increase in total YOY Amazon revenue in August and September.

Excerpt from The 2020 Ecommerce Tech & Trends Brand Growth Guidebook. Get the PDF here!

And while Amazon has the most comprehensive buyer insights, no platform has wider consumer reach than Google.  Google holds the top search engine, the top video streaming platform, the top display network, and the top email client.

With this incredible reach, Google has also turned to AI and machine learning to up their game. Google’s new Smart Shopping capabilities allow you to reach users through a unified campaign which auto-optimizes your reach and performance across all Google properties.

According to Google, this new advertising format increases the average conversion value of ad campaigns by 30%.  This stat is actually on the low end of what we’ve seen. For example, we launched Smart Shopping campaigns for a multi-billion dollar electronics brand just in time to see some incredible gains this past holiday season – a 200% conversion value lift compared to the campaigns running the previous year!

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Carpe Diem,
Timothy Seward