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One of the major problems with using Google Analytics is that it does not yet allow you to input cost data for your non-AdWords sources. While there are several ways to go about doing this manually, we’ve come up with a quick, simple tool you can use to help speed the process along.

This tool will help you calculate your CPA and ROI for your Campaign, Medium, and Source ROI Reports.

  1. Download our MS Excel file located here and open it.
  2. Export the report you wish to modify as an MS Excel file and open it (Only for the Campaign ROI, Medium ROI, and Source ROI reports!)
  3. Copy the entire exported spreadsheet report by selecting ‘Select All’ from the ‘Edit’ menu at the top of the spreadsheet, and then going to Edit -> Copy. Alternatively, you can simply click anywhere in the spreadsheet and press CTRL+A and then CTRL+C.
  4. Paste the spreadsheet into the Paste Report Here Tab in the Cost Calculator tool. This is easily done again either by using Edit->Select All and then Edit -> Paste or for the shortcut savvy,
    CTRL+A followed by a CTRL+VPasteReportfull_thumb.jpg
    Click on the image to see the full report
  5. Go to the ROI Report tab at the bottom in the Cost Calculator tool.ROIReportmt_thumb.jpg
    Click on the image to see the full report
  6. Enter in the cost data for the appropriate campaign/source/medium.
  7. The CPA and ROI will be automatically calculated for any items that provided revenue during the given time period, as shown below in a completed row for the MSN source.ROIReportfll_thumb.jpg
  8. Save or print the results
  9. Rinse and Repeat
    We’re also working on a similar tool for All CPC Analysis.