A few months ago I posted a mini case study on a lead generation client for whom we’ve been able to find success on Facebook over time. Of course we have also seen less-than-stellar advertising performance (i.e. compared to Google/Yahoo/MSN) on Facebook for clients in other spaces.

So, the question that’s often been on my mind since we started managing Facebook advertising, is whether or not a certain kind of business is a good fit for the Facebook ad platform.

So, my Facebook PPC client experiences usually translate into recommendations for clients, but I’ve always known that those answers are a bit linear in nature and I have yet to find someone with a few more Facebook battle scars to provide more insights.

That was until yesterday, when I discovered a 10-question quiz for the business owner or PPC manager that may be wondering “Is Facebook for me” @ Perry Marshall’s new website/tool www.isfacebookforme.com – catchy URL. Here you will find a series of 10 “Yes or No” style business model questions that “provide instant feedback on whether Facebook could be a main traffic source for your business.”

I completed the survey for the client that we’ve had success with on Facebook, and it gave me a 6/10, meaning that “Facebook will probably be a significant way for you to get more customers affordably” – and I can say that it has!

So, if you’re considering Facebook now, consider checking out this new tool and getting a heads up on these 3 questions that it can help answer:

– Can I advertise on Facebook and make a profit?
– Will my products appeal to Facebook users?
– How much time should I devote to understanding how to advertise on Facebook?

The quiz is here: www.isfacebookforme.com