copy_filter.gifThe Copy Profiles Greasemonkey script now allows you to copy filters from one Google Analytics account to another. Simply go to the Google Analytics account that has the filters you want to copy. Go to the Filter Manager. Check off the boxes for the filters you wish to copy and hit the “Copy” link located in the column header.

Once you’ve done this, navigate to the Google Analytics account that you want to paste the filters into. Go to the Filter Manager again and click the “Paste Filters” button.

Now sit back and watch it go.

Again, this script is actually an addition to the Copy Profiles script. If you already have the Copy Profiles script, you’ll want to download it again to get the filter copy feature. Here are the steps for everyone else:

  1. Get Firefox
  2. Get Greasemonkey
  3. Get the Copy Profiles script

Both this post and the previous post will give you the same script. For those who haven’t been following along, this script is a separate script from the GARE, at least for now.

That’s it! I’m fresh out of scripts. If you think of an improvement to this script or find a bug, let me know. I wouldn’t mind hearing from you if you’ve just plain found this script useful either 🙂