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All marketing leaders face the same expectations: grow your business and increase profitability. If you’re one of these leaders, you’re also likely responsible for answering tough questions about goals that haven’t been met, potential that hasn’t been realized, and risks that haven’t been considered.

Performance marketing agencies promise brands the opportunity to increase growth and profitability, but too often, brands pin their hopes on agencies that just don’t seem to care about their success as much as they’d hoped.

ROI Revolution is a digital marketing agency guided by the revolutionary idea that an agency’s purpose isn’t simply to deliver near-term results – it’s to help businesses push beyond what they thought was possible and see just how far their brand can go.

When it comes to implementing your digital strategy, there’s no better partner than the one who helped you create it. Here are a few examples of consumer brands we’ve partnered with that have achieved their goals around profitability and cross-channel strategy wins.

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Luxury Fashion Brand Grows Profitable Revenue With Facebook Ads

Results achieved:

  • Increase in sitewide revenue by 92.3%
  • Increase in sales by 220%
  • Increase in carousel ad conversions by 70%
  • 14.8x ROAS on Facebook Ads

In the luxury fashion industry, maintaining an elevated brand image is paramount. If you’re running a promotion on your products, using terms like “sale” or “discount” isn’t ideal. But when economic uncertainty results in consumers spending less of their discretionary income, there comes a point when high-AOV items need to be discounted.

A high-end clothing and accessory retailer was looking to boost conversion rates during a summer sale event after a stagnant period – without compromising brand integrity.

A Facebook campaign had the greatest potential to drive seasonal success, but the brand had never utilized this channel before. The ROI team developed a mixed strategy to profitably grow the brand’s traffic and revenue while maintaining profit margins, including:

  • Running dynamic ads and carousel ads
  • Leveraging the Facebook Pixel
  • Developing A/B tests

The Facebook strategy empowered the brand to first rapidly attract new customers with targeted ads, then guide the shoppers to a conversion with remarketing.

“We credit the success of this campaign to the targeting strategy developed by ROI Revolution and Facebook prior to launch. Having this strong foundation in place gave us the confidence to let the campaign run its course and ultimately allowed our team to focus on other areas of our customers’ experiences.” – Marketing Manager at Luxury Fashion Brand

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Two boots standing.

Thorogood’s Mobile View Rates Skyrocket & Cost per View Shrinks With YouTube Shorts Strategy

Results achieved:

  • Increase in mobile view rates by 700%
  • Increase in click-through rates by 150%
  • Decrease in cost per views by 86%

Marketing leaders are always thinking about new or innovative strategies to acquire new customers. Thorogood, an industry-leading boots brand that’s been based in the US for over 130 years, was looking to expand their online search presence and grow traffic profitably.

After optimizing Thorogood’s PPC and SEO strategy thoroughly, ROI Revolution’s teams collaborated to identify the next best opportunity for growth. YouTube Shorts seemed like a great way to expand into a new ad type to increase Thorogood’s brand presence and profitability even more.

With the new YouTube Shorts strategy, mobile view rates skyrocketed from just 2% to 18%! This also led to not just increases in click-through rates and goal conversions but also a significant decrease in cost per views, leading to a highly profitable strategy for the brand. In fact, Thorogood had their strongest year ever in 2022.

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Clean Simple Eats Discovers More Revenue With Strategic Budget Reallocation

Results achieved:

  • Increase in sitewide revenue by 130%
  • Increase in paid search revenue by 161%
  • Increase in paid social revenue by 440%
  • Increase in conversion rates across all channels by 20%

Making more revenue without having to increase ad spend is every marketer’s dream. With strategic budget reallocation, businesses are empowered to do just that. Clean Simple Eats, a nutritional supplement company, was looking to achieve a unified presence throughout the funnel at a high ROAS.

Clean Simple Eats was partnering with the paid search and paid social teams at ROI Revolution, so our teams collaborated to implement a cross-channel strategy for budget reallocation to help the brand achieve streamlined messaging and grow profitably.

The experts at ROI Revolution developed a holistic full-funnel analysis, which led to the discovery that the brand’s lower-funnel efforts were lacking. Using unified marketing measurement, Clean Simple Eats was able to achieve results that exceeded expectations – including their single best day of company history across all channels.

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Logging equipment in a forest.

RuggedMade Replatforms Website for Increase in Organic Traffic

Results achieved:

  • Increase in sitewide revenue by 40%
  • Increase in daily users by 33%
  • 0% decline in keywords post-replatform

If your business has ever performed a website replatform, you know the process can be overwhelming. It’s often more complicated than it appears and rarely goes according to initial plans. Companies often rush through it without considering SEO, resulting in major organic traffic decreases.

RuggedMade, a manufacturer and seller of heavy-duty tools and construction equipment, was looking to redesign their website to provide an improved shopping experience – without any of those dreadful declines.

The brand’s website includes a lot of content, including eight major product categories, educational videos, and lifestyle content. ROI Revolution worked as an extension of RuggedMade’s team to provide timely guidance and ensure a painless transition.

Prior to the replatform, RuggedMade’s organic traffic was stagnant for six months, with a slow decline starting to rear its head. Since the replatform, RuggedMade’s website traffic has grown consistently. Best of all, the update was launched with no negative impact to keywords or traffic!

Explore the story in the case study.

Tying It All Together: Cross-Channel Strategy Wins

We hope these digital success stories and cross-channel strategy wins have inspired you to reconsider what you think is possible for your brand! You can view all of our case studies here. An effective cross-channel digital marketing strategy carries benefits that go far beyond digital. Your business can:

  • Get closer to your customers
  • Be free to think big
  • Empower your in-house teams to be even sharper

We can help you remember what a joy it is to collaborate and succeed with someone who cares just as much about your success as you do. To explore the growth opportunities we can discover for you, send a message to our team today.