The 2021 holiday shopping season will, like last year, be unlike any other. Predicting all aspects of shopping behavior won’t be as straightforward as it has been in years past. From how early consumers start shopping to what methods of buying they’ll expect your brand to provide, most of the basic fundamentals that marketers use to build a holiday strategy are up in the air yet again.

But all isn’t lost. On top of the expert holiday strategies you’re implementing this year, a dash of inspiration could be just what you need to bring your brand shining holiday success. Here are some of the wins ROI’s clients have experienced during Cyber Weeks of years past to help you see what’s possible for your brand.

Black Friday Revenue Climbs 154% With Display & YouTube Strategy

Industry: Seasonal Retail

Channel: Paid Search Advertising (YouTube and Display)

After a tumultuous 2020, one of our clients in the retail industry who sells a highly competitive seasonal product was feeling uncertain about what buyer interest was going to look like. The brand had plenty of inventory and an opportunity to use Display and YouTube campaigns to put their product in front of more of their target audience. The ROI team developed a plan to increase awareness for the brand’s product and ensure record-breaking Cyber Week revenue at a profitable cost of sale.

As a result of implementing seasonal audiences within Google Ads, ad scheduling to push during promotion days, and separate campaigns in Shopping and Search to make results easy to evaluate and optimize, the brand saw Black Friday revenue climb 154% year-over-year, with Cyber Monday revenue increasing 83% and overall Cyber 5 revenue increasing 97%.

Car Parts Brand Grows Cyber 5 Revenue at >1,000% ROI

Industry: Automotive

Channel: Paid Search Advertising

Year-over-year Cyber 5 revenue growth with a 1,000% return on investment. That’s the goal one of our clients in the car parts industry was looking to drive last year. The brand was facing a range of obstacles, including inventory issues brought on by the coronavirus pandemic that forced them to pause on some products and keywords, concerns related to MAP pricing and similar promotions with competitors, and the inability to call out terms like “sale” or “special offer” in Shopping due to the way sales apply on their website.

The ROI team set out a plan to capture high intent traffic, drive Cyber 5 sale awareness by utilizing all features of search (text ads, extensions, etc.), and monitor performance throughout the days to ensure high impression share and uncapped budgets. The brand deployed competitive deal promotions both before and after Cyber 5, which earned them strong momentum entering Black Friday among all active channels. Aggressive budgets and targets along with Cyber 5 automation were applied across the entire Google account to maximize performance.

The brand saw exceptional Cyber 5 performance, growing Cyber Week revenue 15% YoY and above their 1,000% return target, all while operating within set budgets.

After Hard-Hitting Pandemic Year, Early Childhood Education Brand Grows Cyber 5 Revenue 681%

Industry: Education

Channel: Paid Search Advertising

School closures resulted in overall lower performance for one of our clients in the childhood education industry last year. To help fill the revenue gap, the brand developed a strategy to hone in on their products in the toys and games category over the holiday shopping period. The goal was to achieve record Q4 revenue ($1 million) by increasing budgets, bids, and ad schedules around key promotional periods, as well as using Custom Labels to segment key holiday items from classroom-oriented products. The ROI team also worked closely with the brand to limit advertising on low-inventory products to avoid a Shipageddon.

The brand’s expanded paid search budget allowed for major year-over-year growth, and the Q4 target of $1 million in revenue was hit on December 1st. Cyber 5 revenue from the Toys category grew 681% year-over-year and overall Cyber 5 revenue grew 195%.

Walmart Advertising Revenue Increases 127% During Cyber Week for Appliances Brand

Industry: Home Goods

Channel: Marketplaces (

One of our clients in the home appliances industry was looking to increase their Cyber 5 revenue through a renewed focus on Walmart Advertising. The ROI team developed a shift in strategy to move the brand’s ad spend to more seasonal products during peak seasonality and increase ad spend month-over-month. As a result, the brand’s Walmart ads saw a 127% increase in revenue and 108% increase in ROAS over Cyber 5 compared to the week before.

69% Increase in Cyber Week Revenue With 42% Increase in Transactions for Luxury Items Brand

Industry: Luxury Goods

Channel: Paid Search Advertising

One of our clients in the luxury goods industry was looking to achieve year-over-year Cyber 5 growth while maintaining return. With the pandemic putting the brand into a situation of slightly weakened inventory and product categories, the ROI team developed a shift in strategy to focus on new product categories and brand segmentation. The ROI team’s plan was to push additional product categories (apparel and fashion in particular), modify account structure to accommodate branded breakouts, and schedule budget updates to maximize coverage and improve efficiency. As a result, the luxury brand saw a 69% increase in revenue, 32% increase in clicks, 42% increase in transactions, and 11% lift in conversion rate over Cyber Week!

Home Goods Brand Grows Cyber 5 Revenue by 291% at 881% ROAS

Industry: Home Goods

Channel: Paid Search Advertising (Smart Shopping and Display)

The home goods industry has grown significantly since the onset of the pandemic due to consumers spending more time at home and focusing on how their home looks. One of our clients in the home goods industry saw significant new momentum and online traffic increases in 2020 and was hoping to capitalize on this over the holiday season.

As a reseller, this brand has to adhere to MAP pricing, so competitors will always have the same sales. The brand maintained exciting growth goals and was looking to achieve 400% ROAS. The ROI team created a strategy to efficiently execute Smart Shopping campaigns, promotion prep, and Display initiatives that were set up earlier in the year. The results were phenomenal. The home goods brand saw a 291% lift in Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) revenue at 881% ROAS.

Home Goods Brand Sets Record for Daily Revenue Increase on Black Friday

Industry: Home Goods

Channel: Paid Search Advertising

In addition to the pandemic pushing more customers to buy home products, one of our clients in the home goods industry saw record growth throughout 2020 after developing a wider range of products, investing more in advertising, and replatforming their website to Shopify. Their goal was to extend this growth into Cyber 5 by increasing revenue year-over-year without going over their ROAS target. The ROI team strategically implemented seasonality adjustments, budget increases, and upper-funnel investment to both generate and harvest demand over the Cyber Week period. As a result, the brand hit a new daily revenue record with a 163% increase in revenue on Black Friday over the day before and a 250% year-over-year increase over the entire Cyber 5, compared to 29% YoY growth in 2019.

Major Apparel Brand Sees 207% Cyber Week Revenue Increase

Industry: Apparel

Channel: Paid Social Media Advertising

One of our clients in the apparel & footwear industry saw a 207% YoY revenue increase over Cyber Week 2020. By scaling their spend and prospecting budget on paid social channels to support upcoming promotions, the brand was able to launch a successful cross-channel pre-holiday campaign to drive traffic to the site in the weeks leading up to Cyber Week.

Next Steps?

Your holiday strategy is probably already in place, but what about 2022? The time is now to make sure you hit the ground running in the new year. Our proven digital experts can help you optimize all aspects of your digital marketing campaigns, from paid ad strategies to SEO to Amazon advertising. Reach out to an ROIer today to inquire about how we can help you reach your core business objectives and grow your brand.