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It’s the second half of 2023. The digital marketing strategy wins that you expected to achieve at the beginning of the year may be completely different now. Economic uncertainty and changes in consumer behavior have introduced obstacles for many business – but all is not lost. Your brand can still achieve the goals you set at the beginning of the year.

A little bit of inspiration can go a long way. Keep reading to uncover some of the exciting digital marketing strategy wins our clients have achieved this year.

Thread Logic Grows Revenue & New Users With Performance Max Strategy

Results achieved (in just six weeks!):

  • 235% increase in new users
  • 43% increase in revenue
  • 117% increase in transactions

Growing new customer acquisition without increasing ad spend is every marketer’s dream. That dream became a reality for Thread Logic when they partnered with ROI Revolution to drive profitable revenue with Performance Max.

“When the ROI Revolution team first suggested they could target new customers through our paid campaign, I was naturally a little skeptical. I should have known better.” – Jeff Taxdahl, Owner, Thread Logic

Thread Logic was able to leverage the power of first-party data within Performance Max to target ideal customers.

Explore the full story in the case study.

Clean Simple Eats Grows Revenue 47% With Product Feed Optimizations

Results achieved:

  • 54% increase in clicks
  • 47% revenue growth
  • 27% increase in ROAS
  • 25% lift in impressions
  • 23% decrease in CPC
  • 23% lift in click-through rate

Sometimes, the smallest adjustments can make the biggest difference. When you partner with ROI Revolution, you can get an entire team dedicated to optimizing your product feed to identify and implement those minor changes that result in large lifts.

Clean Simple Eats saw this first-hand when they turned to ROI Revolution to increase click-through rates for qualified traffic. By optimizing product feed titles to match user search intent, the brand was able to drive significant growth without spending more on ads.

Explore the full story in the case study.

Steiner Tractor Drives Transactions by Improving Website Accessibility

Results achieved (in just four weeks!):

  • 5.44% increase in transactions
  • 8.98% increase in revenue
  • 4.69% increase in navigation usage

Having an accessible website is important – especially if your target audience requires it. Steiner Tractor’s audience is largely made up of older shoppers, but a site audit from ROI Revolution revealed that their mobile website provided a poor experience for these users.

An A/B test strategy was developed and executed in order to make data-backed recommendations to optimize Steiner Tractor’s website. By improving the usability of their mobile navigation, Steiner Tractor was able to achieve amazing growth.

Explore the full story in the case study.

$125MM+ Brand Supercharges Impressions & Clicks With Programmatic CTV

Results achieved in a two-month period:

  • 2.7 million CTV impressions
  • 55,800 website clicks from Display
  • 3x higher than industry average click-through rate

The customer journey is barely segmented anymore. The reality is that there’s a lot of fluidity between the “lower” and “upper” funnel. Reaching shoppers across their entire path to purchase is the true key to achieving your profitability goals.

A $125MM+ brand that sells artisan gifts was looking to drive awareness and sales during the highly competitive holiday season. Programmatic CTV advertising presented an opportunity to do just that, with the ability to reach an estimated 92% of US households.

With a thoughtful programmatic CTV strategy executed by ROI Revolution, the brand was able to exceed their full-funnel goals.

Explore the full story in the case study.

Tying It All Together: Digital Marketing Strategy Wins

Even though economic uncertainty is having its moment, your brand can still grow profitably. When you partner with a digital marketing agency like ROI Revolution, you have a team dedicated to helping you save money, grow profitably, and reduce risk.

The stories above are just some of the exciting wins we’ve helped our clients achieve this year. To explore how your brand can discover untapped opportunities to accelerate growth and achieve your business objectives, send a message to our team today.