The ‘Funbox’ is a little known reference to the top ad spot in gmail, and guess what? You can target it as a managed placement in your AdWords content network campaigns.


So how do you target the fun box? The fun box is not found in the placement tool, so you need to add this in manually as a managed placement (in the networks tab):,Top center

Also, one of the most common mistakes is to try and target gmail by adding ‘’ as a managed placement. It’s important to know that to target gmail, you need to add the following as a managed placement:

If you see gmail is performing well for you, it’s best practice to create a separate campaign that targets only gmail users.

Here are the benefits of creating separate gmail targeted campaigns:

It’s not necessary to create gmail targeted campaigns when you are first testing out Google’s content network. The best strategy is to first start with a keyword targeted (or contextually targeted) content campaign, and monitor the performance of on the networks tab. If you see traffic and conversions are high, it’s a good idea to go ahead and separate out traffic into a separate campaign.