When it comes to ad text “Always Be Testing” is the motto that we hold in high esteem here at ROI Revolution. If you continually test your ads (to beat the current best performer) you will constantly improve the performance of your campaigns.

It is important to remember that there are a few strategies and tips you pretty much always need to implement as you are writing and testing ads. I”ve come up with an “ad recipe” that I keep on my desk to ensure all necessary elements are included in the new ads I write.




I”ll break down each ingredient:

Keyword Relevancy : This is plain and simple: have your keywords in your ad text. If possible place the keyword in the headline, also in the description lines and the display URL.

Differentiate From Competitors: This takes a little more work. Study your competitors’ ads. What do you do differently? What sets you apart? Whatever it is, make sure it is in your ad copy (and stands out)!

Call To Action: Engage the visitor to take action on your site. Offer them a free report, a free consultation, ask them to call now, buy now, browse more. Whatever call to action makes sense for your industry and is the most powerful.

Like with any recipe, take the time to add each ingredient slowly. Then combine all to ensure your batter (or ad text) is well mixed! If you follow these steps, you will surely have a tasty ad that will keep your potential clients coming back for more.

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