gablog.JPGBrett Crosby, Sr. Manager, Google Analytics posts on the Official Google Analytics Blog that everyone has access to the new Google Analytics.

Further, you’ll be able to use the previous version of Google Analytics until July 18, 2007 (that’s nearly two whole month’s worth for the procrastinator deep inside!).

But why wait until July to make the switch?

Brett covers a few pointers to make the transition to the new design a little easier:

If there are specific reports in the previous version of Google Analytics that you’d like to find in the new interface, try using the Report Finder tool. If you haven’t viewed the Tour, you may find it to be a helpful introduction to the new Google Analytics.

Just as Brett did, I’m going to point out a few posts on the new Google Analytics you may find helpful:

ROI Revolution’s Michael Harrison covers the introduction in his post entitled “Google Analytics: Extreme Makeover Edition” and a tip on how to view entire referring URL’s in the new Google Analytics.

Justin Cutroni has a over a half-dozen posts covering the new features, Avanish Kaushik’s post discusses the first five things you should do the first time you log into Google Analytics V2, and Adam Ostrow gushes about the 27 features that make Google Analytics best of breed.

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