Previously, Yahoo! Store owners couldn’t use Google Analytics in conjunction with their stores to capture e-commerce data such as which keyword phrases are profitable, but that has all changed! The team at Monitus LLC has developed a tool that makes it possible to use Google Analytics with a Yahoo! Store.

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This is incredibly exciting since this is the ONLY tool that will allow you to successfully use Google Analytics in conjunction with your Yahoo! Store. This will finally allow all the Yahoo! Store owners out there to track which keyword phrases are profitable so that you can really target your search phrases using both organic and paid search.

This literally opens up whole new worlds of opportunities for all the Yahoo! Store owners out there, a few of which are listed above.

In fact, ROI Revolution is so excited about this, we have partnered with Monitus, LLC in order to host a free online webinar that explains practical, no-nonsense methods for using Google Analytics and the Google Analytics connector for Yahoo! Stores to optimize your website. Join us on August 8th at 4:00pm ET to see the full story behind this amazing tool! You can register at, but there are only 24 seats available so sign up now before we fill up. We look forward to seeing you there!

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