If you’ve done research on excluding internal traffic from your Google Analytics reports, then you’ve probably heard words like “user defined variable”, “dynamic or static IP address”, and “orphaned web page.” While you may want to become familiar with these terms someday, the truth is that not everyone is a webmaster.

What’s my point? Well, I’m not sure if anyone’s come up with this before, and quite frankly I wouldn’t be surprised as this method is very easy, but here’s a quick and easy way to exclude any kind of internal traffic from your reports, regardless of IP-whats-its. All you have to know is how to write an email.

Here’s how:

Step1: This is by far the hardest step. In Google Analytics, create a new filter. In my example, I’ll use ‘Exclude all Internal Traffic’.

Filter Type: Custom

Select the ‘Exclude’ Option

Filter Field: Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, or Campaign Name – you pick!

Filter Patter: internal

Click here to see this filter in action

Step 2: Go to www.roirevolution-staging.zrppuvn5-liquidwebsites.com/builder. That’s right, we’re using manual tags!

For the website URL, just put in your website’s domain (i.e. https://roirevolution.com).

For campaign source, medium, and name, enter in the word “internal”.

Generate the new URL!

Step 3: Copy and paste it to an email, and send it to everyone you want to exclude, demanding they click on it (asking nicely works too).

That’s it! Seriously. Anyone (or rather, any computer/browser combo) that visits your site via this email link will be excluded, in full, from your Google Analytics profile that uses the above filter, regardless of IPs and all that other stuff.

Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, or questions!