Facebook Advertising = Relationship Building

We all know that Facebook is “where it’s at”, but the problem from an online marketing standpoint is learning how to tackle this growing source of traffic in the most appropriate and profitable way for your business.

Facebook’s advertising platform allows for extremely targeted ad campaigns, and you can pay per click (like Google); however, when learning how to measure & profitably create an ad campaign the playing field is vastly different from other pay per click advertising platforms. The biggest difference is that Facebook is all about relationships. Anything that is not fostering or developing some sort of relationship on Facebook is deemed inauthentic.

Here are four ways to successfully grow & measure your Facebook presence authentically:

Get a Facebook Business Page:
Facebook advertising works the best when you have a Facebook business page set up, and you are actively adding posts and content. Having Facebook ads, but no facebook page is a dead give away that you are an advertiser just trying to “make a sale”, and will not work well on Facebook.

If you are not on Facebook at all yet, creating a business page is a great place to start. Here is a Facebook link that outlines setting up a business page.

Once you have a page created, you are able to target ads directly to fans who have “liked” your page. There is also an option to target folks who are friends of fans who have liked your page. These options allow for more personal ad copy, and allow for you to relate to your audience better in your ad text.

If you are choosing to target to friends of fans who have “liked” your page, you get an added benefit of having their friends endorsement in your ad copy–making your ad extremely relevant. Here is what that looks like:

Build Your Relationships:
Once you have built up your Facebook page, begin by adding relevant and useful content that will keep your prospects and customers coming back for more!

Here’s how: announce events, have a “deal of the day”, promote new products, post tips, the ideas are endless– just make sure they are relevant, useful, and engaging to your target market.

Set Realistic Facebook Advertising Goals:
Before you start your Facebook ad campaign you need to step back and think about your goals with Facebook advertising. Facebook is different than Google AdWords & MSN AdCenter in that visitors are using the site to develop relationships and connect with people. You will want to do the same thing with your ads. Think of your investment on Facebook advertising as an investment in beginning & nurturing relationships with your prospective and current customers.

Here are a few ways to foster your relationships in personal ways with Facebook Ads:

  • Write your ad copy in very personal ways (talk about people, not things)
  • Create Facebook only sales & promotions
  • Test using images of people & not things
  • Have ad headlines that speaks to your target market directly
  • Test a number of different demographics & targeting –write ads accordingly

Measuring Your Relationships:
Since we are looking at Facebook advertising as a way to foster relationships, we need to ensure we are measuring the effectiveness properly. That’s not to say that revenue won’t come out of it, but to purely look at Facebook from an immediate “dollars in dollars out” standpoint like search advertising is not the place to get started.

You need to look at the metrics that are clearly revealing the level of relationships you are developing with your Facebook page, and the advertisements you are using to promote that page. Also, if you choose to send your users to your website you need to understand that these visitors may take longer to convert than a visitor from a search engine.

Here are a few of the metrics that reveal your level of relationship nurturing:

  • Number of new “Likes” on your Facebook business page
  • Number of interactions on your Facebook page (comments, votes, etc)
  • Number of email sign ups, or catalog requests
  • Number of Facebook referrals to your website

The interactions & likes on your Facebook page can be measured using Facebook insights within the Facebook interface. You will need to turn to your web analytics program for data on Facebook referrals, and other goals.

I hope you have found this information useful in directing you towards Facebook success!

Have any more ideas you’ve found successful? Leave your comments below…