What do replacement grandmas, weed, new brains and vacations to Hell have in common? If you just said “They’re all being advertised with Google Adwords” then you are correct!

I’m sure we’ve all seen some strange stuff out there in PPC land. There have been so many wacky things in Adwords that I decided it’s time to have a little contest before these weird little ads disappear. So, I Introduce to you ROI Revolution’s First Annual Funny Adwords Contest.

Update 12/12/2007: Round 1 Winners:

1st Place: #6– eBay (40 Points)
2nd Place: #1– Kayak.com (20 Points)
3rd Place: #7– NextTag.com (14 Points)
Honorable Mention: # 5– Target (13 Points)

See Funny Adwords Contest: Round 2 Ads.

The rules: Read the ads and post a quick comment to declare your winners for the top 3 funniest Adwords Ads. You can just put the ad numbers in your comments, but clearly label each ad 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. If you enjoyed this post, forward the link to people you know and encourage them to vote too. The more votes we get, the more indisputable the winners are.

The point system will be as follows:


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