On June 2nd, Google announced on their small business blog the launch of a tool that will tell you exactly how your website performs on mobile and desktop, how mobile-friendly your site is, and will give a free, detailed report on what to do with that knowledge once you have it.

Google Adds New Tool to Measure Website Speed & Mobile-Friendliness

This is a very nice tool to utilize, as it is a fast and easy way to see how your website scores in terms of mobile-friendliness, as well as the speed of your site across all devices. Since Google has made a myriad of changes towards a more mobile-friendly experience, knowing your basic scores in these areas will be essential to growing your business in the future. Internet users are five times more likely to leave your site if it’s not mobile-friendly, so this can be a very easy way for your company to see the most important aspect of your site to work on: mobile functionality.

You’ll also be able to download a free report that goes into the details of what you can do to improve your site performance. This is an easy way for someone who might not know all of the back-end clues and warning signs about their site to easily diagnose problem areas. The report gives some basic information while outlining the next steps on where to go from there and exactly how to correct some of the mistakes you might be making on your website.

Basically, this new tool is a much sleeker version of the one that can be found in the Google Webmaster Toolkit called PageSpeed Insights. If you don’t feel like submitting your email address to Google to get your full report, using PageSpeed Insights can give you a quick overview of some of the problems you might see on mobile and desktop with how to handle your site load speed. Items such as browser caching, image optimization, code bloat and others are all examined and defined here with some detailed information on how to fix the issues.

Remember, your customers are busy people. They want their information fast and they want it to look good. These tools from Google are a simple way to check how you are doing and rectify some of the mistakes that might be costing your company business. Give them a try and get on the path to a faster, more mobile-friendly future.