As we speak, Google AdWords is testing a new extension for their ads. This add-on allows users to send an SMS or text message directly to the company that is advertising. Similar to the extension that allows users to call the company via the ad, this update furthers the mobile-first mentality that Google has demonstrated over the last several months.


Google AdWords Click to Text Campaigns Show Huge Potential


It’s also proof that most people want as little interaction as possible with people they don’t know. According to a ZipWhip blog, the first campaign to utilize this texting feature saw a 265% increase in click-through rate (CTR) over similar ads where a phone call was the option.

Let’s face it, people love to text. They’re also, generally, not excited by the prospect of talking on the phone with a complete stranger who might not even be located in this country. Has there ever been a time in your life that you’ve actually been excited to contact customer service at a company? Yeah, didn’t think so.

This new call-to-action (CTA) of texting is going to have a huge impact on advertising. If it continues to prove successful, this could be a significant shift from landlines and call centers to a much more mobile-centric office space. In a solid number of businesses, that shift is already happening. Over 40% of call centers already offer SMS, and by the end of 2016, over 60% will support it.

Here are a couple samples of how the new click-to-text ad formats will look.




If you’re still not convinced that text messaging is crucial to business, here are some eye-opening statistics for you:

As you can clearly see, text messaging is critical for business. And as usual, Google is right at the forefront with a tool that will help to utilize the power of mobile.

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