Recently, Google announced the official roll-out of their updated experience for Google AdWords. The new experience features a redesigned user interface, providing a more streamlined approach to all aspects of the platform. From creating campaigns to analyzing custom reports, the new Google AdWords experience is more intuitive and allows for much quicker navigation within your account.

One of the new features added in the new UI is the completely overhauled Keyword Planner. This tool is a godsend for paid search advertisers looking to research new keywords, obtain historical statistics on past performance, and predict future traffic. Here’s a quick look at what the new overhaul of the Keyword Planner looks like:

Google AdWords Ups Their Game with Platform Redesign
Image courtesy of the Google AdWords blog,

Some of the additional improvements available in the updated platform include the ability to hide paused or removed items, find features faster with the overhauled and simplified UI, and see more analytics data directly within statistics tables.

These quality of life updates are definitely a step in the right direction, and you better get used to them fast. It was also announced that this updated Google AdWords platform will become the exclusive way to manage your account by the end of 2018. You will no longer be able to access previous versions, so it’s crucial that you take the time to explore the new platform and get comfortable with these updates as soon as possible.

Once you’ve officially made the switch to the new Google AdWords experience, there are several ways to get familiar with the changes. The first option is to take the guided tour, which will be the initial prompt you see when you log into your account.

Additionally, there is a quick reference map that you can look at, which will help you quickly locate key features such as the campaigns page, billing, and shared library within the new Google AdWords experience.

Finally, there is an entire section in the Google AdWords Help Center that is dedicated to guiding you through all the new features and changes.

There’s no excuse not to get comfortable with the new platform. The changes to Google AdWords were based heavily on user feedback, and in reality, they are all changes that will benefit PPC advertisers in the long run.

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