On Monday, Inside AdWords, Google’s official blog for everything AdWords related, announced the release of a new version of AdWords Editor.

With this new version there are a couple of very helpful updates that increase efficiency when working on your account.

Additionally, the desktop-based keyword tool within Editor has been enhanced by creating a more robust capability in order to increase your presence on both Google’s search and content networks.

There are three main upgrades that come with updating Editor to version 7.5.1:

1. Increased efficiency with CSV import feature: Now you are able to work on your AdWords campaigns within Microsoft’s Excel and then import them back into Editor.

This is a nice added feature because occasionally you can make sweeping changes more quickly to your account by using various filters within Excel. And if you can take care of the tedious changes more quickly, it frees you up to focus on areas where vast improvement can be made.

Having the luxury to now work in Excel and then import the changed spreadsheet right back into Editor is a great new benefit.

2. The ability to download certain campaigns only when downloading recent changes: Is your AdWords account so large that you could step away from your computer, grab a cup of coffee, a donut and watch an episode of Seinfeld while the account downloads before returning to your computer and begin making changes? If the answer is yes, than this feature is a great addition for you.

With the updated version of Editor you can now download only the campaign or campaigns that you intend to work on.

It’s not the biggest update in the world, but when you just want to make one or two very quick changes, this makes the effort more fluid and efficient.

3. New ways to organize new keywords that you research: For quite a while you have been able to conduct keyword research through AdWords Editor in order to avoid the more time consuming user interface. Now, on the search-based keywords tab you have the ability to search for keywords by category.

This new feature is similar to when you browse by category to identify placements for your content network campaigns.

You probably have a good list of keywords that fit your target customers already; however using this feature may uncover some keywords hiding under rocks that could provide valuable traffic for you that are relevant to your product or service category.

As has always been the case, Google comes out with another winning upgrade to their AdWords platform.

The next time you open AdWords Editor you will be asked if you would like to upgrade.

With the benefits mentioned above, it’s hard to find a reason not to.