Some exciting news from the developers about some great feature additions to Google Analytics. Here’s the official announcement at the Help Center, and here’s a quick overview of what has been added:

The best part of the announcement, though:

We’re adding support for more users and sending new invites all the time.

There has been such a huge demand for this free tool that, as Timothy posted last week, Google Analytics invitation codes have started showing up on eBay. With increased capacity for new accounts, this might mean that new sign-ups won’t have to wait quite as long as before to get a peek into their website’s performance, and they might not have to resort to bidding wars. So, if (for whatever reason) you’ve been waiting to sign up, now’s the time.

All the above changes are being rolled out to all Google Analytics users and should be available in their accounts currently, or within the next few days.

What do you think about the new features? How are you planning on using them in your current Google Analytics setup? Any feature requests that didn’t make it into this round of updates? We’d love to hear what you have to say.