A couple of days ago I wrote citing a post from Jim Newsome showing that folks were getting a Google Analytics Invitation Code in less than a week. One commenter to my post, Kilroy, even mentioned that the last time he requested an invitation code he got it in as little as three days.

Now comes the official word on how the process has speeded up, from the Inside AdWords blog via Jeff on the Google Analytics team about how fast folks are getting their Google Analytics Invitation Code. Check this out:

If you don’t have an account and would like one, you can sign up here. As you may have heard, we’re still in invitation mode, but it usually takes less than a week to send you an invitation code.

Full post here.

In a related note, Justin Cutroni points out that Google Analytics breaks 400,000 accounts.

What does this all point to? Google is committed to making the world better, one website at a time, by giving away enterprise level web analytics. In Alden’s post on the official Google Analytics blog from a few days ago:

We won’t stop until every advertiser, publisher, and website owner on the planet has access to sophisticated, actionable, and free web analytics.

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