UPDATE: You can read about the most recent updates to the GAREnhancer here, but the same script is available from both this post and the new one.

A few weeks ago, Shawn wrote an article on true time on site and how you can calculate it. You may also know that for a while, Google Analytics actually calculated time on site using this method before reverting back to the calculation method used now.Several weeks ago I came out with an article on a Greasemonkey script I’d written which added several segments to the usual segment drop down.

I’m about to tie all of these together.

Introducing, the Google Analytics Report Enhancer!


Clicking on the above image will reveal the new Goal Conversion tab, now with raw number of conversions for each goal as well as goal revenue. If seeing that image has convinced you that you need this script right now, you can get it right here. If for some reason you do not already have Greasemonkey installed on your firefox browser, you should get that first right here.


Now next to Avg. Time on Site you have True Time on Site.

I’ve also modified the entrance sources and entrance keywords report to include a column for approximate visits. If you’ve ever looked as these reports, they are rather difficult to interpret. This column helps give them some additional context. Depending on the amount of interest this generates, I may modify some of the help texts to clarify what the columns of this report actually represent.

These columns are also sortable, though only within the displayed rows. If you play around with this a while, you’ll get a feel for how it works.

This script also includes the latest version of the modified segment drop-down, complete with the following segments:

A. Source/Medium
B. Referral Path
C. Transaction
D. Affiliation
E. Ad Group
F. Search Term
G. Site Search Category
H. Second Page
I. Exit Page
J. Browser and OS
K. Browser Version
L. Operating System Version

I’d also like to mention John at Lunemetrics’ script that automatically shows all profiles in the Analytics Settings interface. All credit for the idea goes to him, but I’ve included a version of the script that eliminates the redirects.

As noted in the Updates, there are some situations where my script is not able to automatically show all profiles. There is no conflict that I’m aware of between my script and John’s, so I would recommend having both.

I’m looking to develop this script further, so if you have any suggestions for improvement, additional columns you might like to see added to a report, general Google Analytics Interface enhancements that this script has made you think, “Hey, I wonder if that’s possible?” please leave a comment. You can report any bugs with the script here as well, even something as simple as, “That ought to be formatted differently,” or “Seems a bit slow under such and such a conditions.” I want this script to be as handy as possible.

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