With summer vacations winding down, SES San Jose 2006 just over, and a little less humidity and heat in the Carolina summer air, I thought it was a fitting time to roundup a few of the latest in Google Analytics, so here goes:

Brett Crosby, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Google Analytics and co-founder of Urchin, points out the importance of taking the time (or resources in hiring people or professional services firms) to analyze and act on the data afforded by a properly configured Google Analytics installation.

Brett also mentioned at the SES San Jose 2006 show in a session called “Vendor Chat on Measuring Success” that he’s “happy to say that the wait for G A is now only about 15 minutes from signup.” Very cool.

Here at professional services firm ROI Revolution, we’re excited to point out that we’ve just launched a brand new 2 hour report-by-report Google Analytics training seminar (Webinar):

This extremely meticulous 2 hour training online seminar goes through each and every report within Google Analytics and discusses how to use it to your best advantage.

It is limited to just 10 participants, so that everybody can get the full benefit of the interactive exercises at the end of each major section and have their specific questions answered.

We’ve got a couple seats left in this week’s training session and more training dates to follow in a couple of weeks.

Conversion optimization specialist Robbin Steif of LunaMetrics has put together a ‘birds of a feather’ lunch table at the upcoming eMetrics Summit in Washington, DC and has invited me, Justin Cutroni, and Urchin co-founder Paul Muret to informally talk about all things Google Analytics. I am looking forward to this conference.