gablog.JPGThis just in…the Google Analytics team just launched the Official Google Analytics Blog!

Kudos to Jeromy Henry (Google Analytics graphic designer extraordinaire) for creating another fantastic looking design showcasing the thoughts and news of all things GA.

Check out an excerpt from the first post, authored by Jeff Gillis, here:

We are pleased to welcome you to the official Google Analytics blog. Now you can stay up to date on the latest info posted by the Google Analytics team. You’ll learn about product changes as we make them, whether it’s a new feature you’ve asked for, or a fix for something that needed fixing. We’ll let you know when we add new reports (see below) and will ask for your feedback too.

Having spent time with a large number of the Google Analytics team in Mountain View, CA at the Googleplex during Urchin/Google Analytics training/business meetings, I’ve had the real privilege to get to know the fine men and women who work tirelessly every day to perfect this awesome and powerful tool. Now you’ll get a chance to hear from many of them in a more direct way.