By now, most search marketers have at least heard of Google’s new Enhanced Campaign option. It was taken out of Beta a few weeks ago, and now is available in all accounts. I wanted to take some time to go over the basics, discuss some misconceptions, and explain exactly how this affects your Google AdWords accounts.

So let’s start with the basics.
What is an Enhanced Campaign? It’s Google’s way of meshing Placement Targeted content campaigns with Keyword Targeted content campaigns. While writing this article, I will assume you have separated out your Search and Content campaigns (AdWords 101.)

What’s the big deal?
Many people are not aware that in traditional Placement Targeted campaigns, your ad can show ANWHERE on the sites that you target. This means that your ad is less likely to be shown at the ‘moment of relevance.’ Keyword Targeted content campaigns do this, but they target the entire content network. Advertisers wanted to do both: use keywords to target certain sites. Voila! Google gave us Enhanced Campaigns. Thank you Google!

How does this affect me?
When you log in, you will now see a ‘placement’ tab within the Ad Group Details page of your campaigns (regardless of what networks they target.) You will need to ignore this tab within campaigns that target the search network only. Within this new tab you can target specific websites where you want your ad to get exposure. Google then uses the keywords in your keyword tab to place your ad on the most relevant page’s of the sites that you have added to the placement tab. This gives you massive control over the content network. Please note if you have active bids in the keywords tab, your ads will continue to show across the entire content network.


There are two important options to take a look at. With CPC bidding, you will specify a max bid you are willing to pay, and you will bid for one ad spot (as with normal Keyword Targeted campaigns.) If you choose CPM bidding, you will be bidding for the entire ad block like in traditional Placement Targeted campaigns. The real advantage is that you can hone in on profitable site’s and up the bids on those site’s alone (as opposed to the entire content network.)


Hot tips to maximize your Enhanced Campaigns:

  • Use placement performance reports to figure out which sites to add.
  • Study Google Analytics reports after you start. The site’s you target will show up as keywords within your AdWords reports!
  • Write your ads tailored to the websites you are targeting.
  • Use AdWords editor to make these changes, it is compatible!
  • Study top organic listings to add as placements.

I hope this quick outline helps you better understand Enhanced Campaigns. Although it takes a few minutes to understand the new concept, it allows much more control over the content network.