The next generation of Google service tools are here, and their leaps in functionality are a huge step in ecommerce evolution.

Yesterday morning, Google Marketing Next revealed their most recent updates for AdWords, DoubleClick, and Google Analytics, ushering in a new era of fast, frictionless assistance for online advertisers.

These new updates involve the most dynamic changes to Google’s services since they first launched, and each one has been carefully tailored by user feedback to be as user-friendly as possible.

1) Overview, Insight, and Analysis

Besides increasing overall usability, one of the key improvements of these updates is the focus on measuring data.

AdWords will now feature an Overviews page, which automatically surfaces relevant insights about performance to help increase advertiser response time.

Additionally, AdWords will now feature new integrations from Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360. These features will allow advertisers and retailers to do everything from testing landing pages to gaining immediate insight into an ad placement.

These updates assist with overall analysis and with overcoming potential pitfalls like wasted spend and un-optimized ad placement.

2) Smarter Planning in Bid Management

The updates also focus on bid optimization and the integration of machine learning to media planning.

A new workflow element in DoubleClick Bid Manager will allow for the analysis of past campaigns, then recommend the right inventory and targeting to reach target audiences based on marketing goals.

This all results in a structured, ‘living’ media plan tailored to a retailer’s specific business that is both customizable and automated.

3) Unique Reach for Display Campaigns

Measuring the impact of display and video campaigns is also part of the recent updates, focusing specifically on reach and frequency as metrics.

Earlier this year, Google launched Unique Reach for YouTube in Google AdWords to great success, and the latest updates will expand availability to Display campaigns in AdWords.

Unique Reach not only helps measure the number of unique users, but the average impressions-per-user you gain from video/display ads, as well as how often those impressions occur.

These new updates are all expected to roll out at the start of next year, so retailers and advertisers should read up and prepare!

At ROI Revolution, we’re excited to see how these updates will help us deliver an even greater return on investment for our dynamic client base.

Looking forward to the new year!