Google Website Optimizer Graduates from Google Beta

They grow up so fast, don’t they? Today at ad:tech in San Francisco, Google announced that its multivariate testing tool, Google Website Optimizer, was coming out of beta and getting its own digs. Here’s the official announcement.

Up until recently, the only way to use Google’s free tool to test and improve your website’s content was through a tab in AdWords. Now that Google Website Optimizer has moved on to the big leagues, it has a new standalone website independent of AdWords, where you can log on and start running tests right away.

Here’s a look at the new multivariate walkthrough:

Google Website Optimizer Screenshot Thumbnail

Google Website Optimizer Screenshot 2 Thumbnail

Google Website Optimizer Screenshot 3 Thumbnail

Read on for a list of new improvements and support options…

  • New setup procedure for multivariate experiments. There’s a great new sample experiment illustration with nifty mouseover animations.
  • Shared access to experiments. Just add another user’s Google Account to your Google Analytics Access Manager and they’ll have the ability to view and edit Google Website Optimizer experiments too.
  • Access through new site or via AdWords, as always. You can still get to Google Website Optimizer the same way as before: through the Website Optimizer tab in AdWords. That won’t change. Now you just have another option, via the standalone website.
  • Dedicated Google Website Optimizer Help Center. No more sorting through all of the AdWords help files to find what you’re looking for.
  • More organized Google Website Optimizer user forum. If your question isn’t addressed in the Help Center, you can move on over to the Website Optimizer Google Group and ask the knowledgable people who frequent its forums.
  • More Website Optimizer Authorized Consultants to help you get your tests up and running in no time. As always, ROI Revolution are proud to be a member of the Google Website Optimizer partner program and to help Google bring some science to the art of web design.

Congratulations to the Google Website Optimizer team! This is a huge step forward for scientific design. Now there’s no excuse for website owners: you can improve your site’s content, you can do it for free, and you don’t even need to have an AdWords account.