Updated July 27, 2017

A couple of weeks ago Google announced a number of changes to the user interface. One of the changes that is slowly rolling out across all AdWords accounts is the change from ‘Minimum Bid’ to ‘First Page Bid.’

This particular change certainly has its benefits, primarily greater transparency on what you must bid to acquire the maximum number of impressions and clicks available based on your daily budget. Ideally you want to drive as much traffic to your website as possible while remaining profitable. There is no question that if your advertising is not showing on the first page of search results, you are passing up the majority of available traffic for your product or service.

With this increased transparency, advertisers will now be able to determine very easily what they must bid to display their ads on page one and acquire those much desired impressions and clicks. Inevitably, this will produce more competition to display your ad in one of the top 8 positions simply because it is easier for advertisers to manage their AdWords accounts.

Now, of course, one way to continue serving your ads on page one would be to increase your keyword and ad group default bid amounts if you see an increase in competition. However, there are many other ways to remain on page one without increasing your bid amounts and also to maximize customer value.

For example: If your are selling a CD Player you could offer a spindle of blank CD-Rs during the checkout process. Maybe your customer opts into that offer. If they do, you could have another up-sell asking your customer if they would like CD cleaning wipes to eliminate dust and smooth out scratches on those CD-Rs.

Another method to maximize lifetime value of a customer is to collect their email address and contact them through an auto-responder with similar products to that which they have already purchased from you. Why pay for their click on your advertisement to sell one product or service once when you can stay in touch with them over time and provide useful information and products that could further benefit your customer?

With ‘Minimum Bid’ being replaced with ‘First Page Bid’ it is quite possible to see an influx in competition due to the increased transparency available to maximize your PPC efforts. Between ad creative optimization, landing page optimization, and the use of up-sells and back-end offers, you can counteract this increased competition by remaining more relevant and provide more useful content and solutions for your customers.

Here is to your paid search success!