If you advertise on Google AdWords and have not yet become a part of the new AdWords interface beta, you will soon get a chance to use this because eventually it will be available to everyone!

The new interface is laid out much like AdWords Editor with a side panel that appears on the left of the screen where you can expand a campaign name, and it lists all of the ad groups. This makes it much easier for those of you constantly having to click into campaigns to find top ad groups—you can see your entire account’s top ad groups, keywords, or placements without having to dig into multiple campaigns, making management much more efficient.

Another great feature of the beta is that there is a graph on the campaigns tab graphing various metrics such as cost, cost/conversion, click-through-rate, clicks—-well, you get my point, but it makes it easier to spot account trends like in the account snapshot. With the graph being above all of the campaigns and ad groups and changing with the date range, you can now easily spot positive or negative trends at a glance.


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Are you tired of running search query performance reports in AdWords? Now there is a search query option that you can run for each individual keyword right there on the keywords tab in Adwords. For example, say you have a broad match keyword that is spending a lot of money without any conversions. Well, you may need to bid this keyword down, and you may be missing out on some not-so-obvious negatives. In this situation, all you would have to do is select that specific keyword and click, “show query report,” and all of the keywords that that broad match had been picking up would show up.

Running this search query report right there on the keywords tab gives you easy access to constant account maintenance, and it can be a weekly account task for positive and negative keyword expansions—and we all want more profitable traffic, so this is great too! Plus, all you have to do is check the keyword box to add it, so no more clicking around back and forth.

Also, another great benefit of the new interface is that you can quickly find placements to exclude or include for your content campaigns without going into the reports tab and running a placement performance report. Then, all you have to do is sort by whichever metric you choose, and you can easily check a box and add or exclude that placement. Plus, you can quickly make bidding adjustments to that placement, and using this new feature regularly will greatly improve your content campaigns. You can even check placements down to the URL level.

However, two aspects of the new interface that I dislike (I’m just being picky) are its readability—there are more options on the page now, so there is more to look at, and it is definitely not as pleasing to the eyes. Also, because the helpful new sidebar that I mentioned above (with expandable campaigns) takes up more screen space, you have to scroll from right to left sometimes to get the full view, which can become annoying for those of you that are in AdWords 8 hours-a-day like me.

All-in-all, if you have not experienced the new interface yet because you were not a part of the beta, you will definitely get a chance to use it eventually, as one day it will be taken out of beta and be available to all users. Definitely start using it and getting more bang for your buck online!

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