The auto parts and accessories sector witnessed significant growth online in 2020 and 2021, with ecommerce up across the board due to COVID-19. Online auto care, parts, sales, and accessories sales reached new heights last year and will break more records in the years to come.

US online sales of new auto parts and accessories surged 29.9% to exceed $16 billion in 2020.

As shopper behavior continues to fluctuate and supply chain concerns resound around the world, what does the future hold for the auto parts and accessories industry? If your brand falls into this category, how can you ensure you’re staying ahead of a rapidly evolving marketplace with successful conversion-driving strategies?

In this infographic, you’ll dive into the latest automotive accessories and car parts industry stats and trends, how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted this industry, and tips and strategies for automotive accessories and car parts industry brands in 2021.

The State of the Automotive Industry

2021 ecommerce auto parts & accessories trends & stats

COVID-19’s impact on the auto parts & accessories industry

Ecommerce strategies & tips for auto parts & accessories brands