In order to drive profitable revenue in today’s complex shopping landscape, you need to have an accurate understanding of what the world of ecommerce looks like today. To give you that understanding, we conducted a survey of 170+ digital marketing professionals at industry-leading brands about the trends, initiatives, and obstacles that are top-of-mind for them brand right now. Explore the data below in our State of Digital Marketing infographic.

The State of Digital Marketing in 2022

Insights from a survey of 170+ digital marketing professionals

Top 2022 digital marketing trends:

  1. Attribution
  2. Personalization
  3. Emerging social media platforms
  4. Video
  5. Direct to consumer

Top 2022 digital marketing initiatives:

  1. Paid search
  2. Search engine optimization
  3. Conversion rate optimization
  4. Social media
  5. Content marketing

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Insights from brands with $100MM+ in annual revenue

Industry impacts

Apparel & accessories:

Electronics & technology:

Food & beverage:

Home goods:

Sources: State of Digital Marketing