Search engine optimization (SEO) ranks as a close #2 for the top digital strategy for marketing professionals right now. As a highly profitable strategy to get your brand in front of more customers, SEO and organic search present brands with a potential untapped revenue opportunity to drive growth a high return. In this infographic, explore data from ROI’s survey of over 170 digital marketing professionals plus additional outside research to feed your understanding of the current ecommerce SEO landscape.

The State of Search Engine Optimization

From Exclusive ROI Survey Data

Biggest challenges faced by SEO professionals:

Top threats to SEO, according to SEO professionals:

SEO Trending Data

Top Metrics Used to Measure SEO Strategy Success

  1. Keyword rankings
  2. Organic traffic
  3. Time spent on page

The first 5 search results on Google get 67.6% of clicks. The next 5 receive just 3.7%.