Since emerging as an image re-sharing platform in 2010, Pinterest has emerged as a key marketing strategy component for many brands. In fact, US Pinterest advertising revenue has grown by over 5x since 2017, and by 2026, US ad revenue for the platform is expected to surpass $4 billion for the first time ever!

In this infographic, explore key stats and trends about the state of Pinterest advertising and walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how your brand could leverage the platform to achieve your ecommerce revenue goals.

The State of Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest at a Glance

Projected Pinterest global advertising revenue (in billions):

  • 2022: $2.51
  • 2023: $2.91
  • 2024: $3.32
  • 2025: $3.73
  • 2026: $4.13
  • In 2023, Pinterest global ad revenue will grow 16% year-over-year
  • In 2025, Pinterest global ad revenue will be more than double what it was in 2020
  • Average revenue per Pinterest user in the US and Canada grew 20% in 2022
  • Fashion, home & garden, and DIY are the top categories on Pinterest

Pinterest User Growth & Demographics

  • Pinterest was the fastest site in history to reach 10 million unique monthly visitors
  • There are currently 444 million monthly active users on Pinterest worldwide
  • Pinterest’s audience grew 12.4% YOY in 202 (Instagram is the only platform that saw more growth!)
  • 62% of US adults use Pinterest
  • Pinterest user share by gender:
    • Female: 77% (the majority of Pinterest users are females aged 25-34)
    • Male: 15%
    • Unspecified: 8%

Gen Z on Pinterest

  • Pinterest has 23 million Gen Z users
  • Between 2020 and 2025, the number of Gen Z users on Pinterest is expected to grow by 9.4 million – an increase of more than 56%!

Pinterest Compared to Other Social Media Channels

  • Pinterest ads are 44% more affordable than Meta ads in terms of cost per impression (CPM)
  • Pinterest has more monthly active users than Twitter or Reddit
  • Pinterest gets 8.23% of the total social media website visits in the US – more than Instagram, YouTube, or Reddit!
  • Pinterest is the #1 platform for inspiration among all forms of media

Privacy & Trust on Pinterest

  • 30% of Pinterest users say that Pinterest protects their privacy and data
  • The only platform that users trust more than Pinterest for data privacy is LinkedIn at 31%
  • Pinterest ranks #2 among social media platforms for users trusting that their privacy and data are protected
  • Pinterest ranks #1 in reliable content among all major social media platforms, surpassing the previous leader of LinkedIn

Social Commerce on the Rise on Pinterest

  • 16% of US social commerce buyers shop via Pinterest
  • In 2025, the number of US social commerce shoppers who buy through Pinterest will be more than double what it was in 2019
  • In 2025, Pinterest will have 15.8% of the social commerce buying share
  • Pinterest is the #4 social commerce destination, surpassed by TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Pinterest shopping revenue is growing twice as fast as overall revenue

US social commerce buyers who shop on Pinterest (in millions):

  • 2020: $12.1
  • 2021: $15.0
  • 2022: $15.9
  • 2023: $16.9
  • 2024: $17.5
  • 2025: $18.1

Tying It All Together: The State of Pinterest Advertising

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